First Off, What The Heck is a Proxy?

Proxies are used to unblock internet access hence making it simple to access any piece of information on the internet without revealing the identity. There are many free proxy websites which can be used to make money. Some proxy websites allow users to surf the internet for free while others need a login.
Proxies can ensure that you are totally anonymous from hackers and logs. They usually have a rather short lifetime of about 12 hours and help reduce outside security threats while allowing you access internet services.
The proxy you choose should allow you surf the internet while hiding your IP address. When you type a URL, information including your browser type, IP address, etc. will be sent to the server. This is why you need a proxy website that will hide your IP address and server URL to fool the proxy server.
Free proxy providers usually make money through advertisements. When you open their proxy websites, you will find that there are many advertisements. If you want to have an advertisement free website, you will have to pay a subscription fee.
 Even though maximum anonymity is to be found with paid subscriptions, you can still surf the internet from the proxy without having to pay even a single cent.
Cookies are very important elements in your computer, but they disclose all private information. A good proxy will be able to filter these cookies. Although it is impossible to completely filter all the private information, intelligent proxies will be able to encode cookies making them unreadable by the proxy server.
Using such proxies will help protect your privacy, and this is why filtering and blocking scripts are very important aspects to look at when choosing a proxy. A good proxy will block harmful scripts which may attack your computer hence ensuring that enjoy safe and secure surfing.
Many of the proxies tend to be unavailable after some time. This is why you need to know other proxies you can use in case the one you are using is no longer available. Due to increased proxy popularity, many website and blog owners have dedicated themselves to giving the latest updates on proxies.
Search for these sites and ask them if they can refer you to the best proxies they know of. Sign up to their mailing lists so that you can get updates through your email. The blogs and websites will list and evaluate proxy sites making it easy to find a good proxy site.

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