Amazon has closed my account. What can I do now? The above question marks are a sign that Amazon is serious about these matters. Amazon will not tolerate any violations on its members’ part. This is a serious concern if you regularly use the site to sell your products or services. You may lose your ability to sell products through Amazon. However, you will also not be able enjoy all the benefits that Amazon offers to registered members. See Best source to buy or sell Amazon accounts on this site.

One avenue is Amazon consultants. These consultants are familiar with Amazon’s procedures and can resolve any problems that may arise. Amazon can close members’ accounts if they notice that the member violates the agreement or ignores warnings. Amazon has a reputation at risk and must fulfill the promises they made to their customers. Amazon sells millions of products or services. Anything less than the promised quality and delivery time is unacceptable. This will bring down their reputation and make them look mediocre. The website maintains high standards in selling their goods. Any poor treatment of registered sellers or suppliers will be reflected in their image and negatively affect their ranking in the business charts.

If you have questions about how to proceed since Amazon closed your account, consult an expert Amazon account restore service. These private consultants are experts in the process of getting suspended accounts revoked within 24hrs. This is a paid service, but they can help you get your account back up and running again.