You can explore high-rise and sky-rocketing buildings, live music, great restaurants, and stay in 5-star luxury hotels in the top cosmopolitan capitals of the world. Living such a lifestyle often leaves them far from Nature, or makes them feel disconnected from it. People who live a lavish lifestyle or spend holidays often feel the need to find a new place. They want to be surrounded by nature and hear the sounds of birds, and can relax in a peaceful environment. For more information you can have a peek at this anchor.

If you’re tired of this lifestyle and are looking for a place to feel rejuvenated and where you can get natural treatment for different ailments, there are better options. Choose the best Ayahuasca Retreat – it is a paradise for those who don’t need all the modern amenities and top-class services. Ayahuasca retreats provide a safe haven to those who don’t want to travel by car, live in luxurious rooms, or get in touch with Mother Nature. The tribes that are involved in the ceremony provide a special treatment.

Brasil, Peru and Ecuador are some examples of countries where you can relax and recharge your body with positive energies. You will have the opportunity to meet people from many countries, regions, religions, and ways of thinking, and exchange spiritual and divine energy with them. It will be possible to enjoy sacred tea ceremonies, eat food from other cultures, experience spirituality through clothing, participate in activities, and even wear loose clothes. To connect with divine power, you will take part in many events.