You can trace the history of fashion using earrings back to the early 19th-century, when palace walls featured carved images featuring mens earrings wearing. These images were mostly of Persian descent. Even in diverse parts of the planet, such as Egypt or India, earrings were worn by religious leaders and pharaohs.

As earrings were originally considered to be of female origin, they added glamour to the female physique. The 1920’s saw the rise in popularity of earrings for female wear in Western Europe. Ear piercing has become a popular practice in the male world since the middle of twentieth century. The traditional method of ear-piercing used a safety pin to make holes in the ear. However, now, it’s possible to use an ear gun to insert the earrings into the ear. When athletes, celebrities, and musicians wore earrings at gigs and other events, men started to embrace the idea of wearing earrings. Today, many men wear earrings to finish their look. You can find two types of earrings in men’s ears: stud earrings and hoops earrings.

At the moment, stud earrings are very popular with musicians. The main feature of stud earrings are that they appear to be stuck on the ear. This is because the stud is made on the one end of the post and penetrates directly through the ear. One of the most elegant types of stud earrings is those that feature a stud made from a single diamond. This type is very popular with the community as it can be worn both casually and professionally.

The hoop earrings is the second most commonly worn type of earrings by men. Hoop earrings resemble a ring and are therefore circular in shape. Most hoop earrings use metal tubing with a thin wire attachment to penetrate the ear. Hoop earrings should be fastened in such a manner that the wire attachment attached to the tubing will lock with a continuation of the tubing at the back. However, there are other types of hoop earrings that don’t complete this circle. These earrings work more like stud earrings with a lock at back.