It is not clear what the rules are for maintaining your vehicle’s interior and exterior. One would think that there would be a common agreement regarding a cost that can run into the hundreds find out more. Most people assume they are familiar with car detailing. It is difficult to agree on the definition of car detailing. Be careful asking anyone to do it for you. Make sure they know what you are expecting and that they plan to do it. It is important to ask specific questions and find out what the company plans on doing.

There are some common steps to a typical car detailing job. A typical car detailing job involves a thorough wash, washing, waxing, and polishing the vehicle’s exterior. While the exterior should be clean and polished, this article won’t address interior detailing. Some companies focus on the exterior while others work on the interior. The interior is where most professional detailers start. This is because any chemicals used inside the car can end up outside the vehicle. They will be removed in the cleaning step.

We will start with the exterior. The first step in detailing is washing the car to get rid of any dirt and other debris. This step cleans the car from any contaminants. Special soaps are designed for car paint. Use dishwashing soap to wash the car. The Clay Bar is mixed with some kind of liquid lubricant, such as window cleaner, spray wax or water. This is where road grime, tar and bugs are removed. Clay can be used to clean up contamination in paint. The first two steps will remove contaminants from the surface. Both of these steps should be included in any good detailing job. If you hear someone say they don’t clay the steps, it is not a professional job.
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