Your church’s website design should include graphics. These are important because they create first impressions church helper. The Internet is what many refer to as the “Information Highway”. This holds true for both your website and the design of the site. Graphics are the visual information on a website. A visitor can look at a website, view the photos and decide if it is worth continuing viewing or moving on to another website. It is important to decide if your designer is comfortable creating your own graphics, or prefer using graphics designed by someone else. Sometimes graphics can be hard to create. Their beauty and the way they fit in with your page design make it even more difficult to create them. Your designer should make this decision.

A clipart library provides the best way for graphics to be integrated into your church’s website design. Clipart libraries let you choose the size, color, and design that will best fit your website. On a page with small doves and a large image of your church, a two-inch set praying hands would be a problem. Also, it is important to choose the right size graphics. You should make sure your graphics are both eye-catching and not overwhelming the page.

Many web page design software includes a clipart library. If your program does not have a clipart library, you can always log on to the Internet to search for graphics or clipart. There are many free clipart sites that allow you to download all you need. You may also be able to request permission from the website owner to use some of their clipart. It is possible to request permission from the owner of a website if you see the right graphic for your design while surfing the web. You need permission to use the graphics for several reasons.