This article is designed to support healing of the traumatized child. Carl Jung said that “Every adult harbors a child” – an eternal child. This child needs unceasing education, care, and attention. This is the part within the human personality that strives to become whole. Healing from trauma requires a courageous and complex journey back to the eternal Child…returning towards your natural longing for wholeness, visit us.

Trauma refers to a pervasive injury or wound, that could endanger one’s health. Trauma can stop normal development. The traumatizing effects of terror and helplessness on the survivors’ lives disrupt their normal development. Chronic child abuse causes fragmentation of the individual’s personality. These circumstances can cause identity fragmentation and break down a sense of self-respect within the context of connection.

Judith Herman M.D., wrote that “repeated trauma in the adult life erodes and damages the personality structure, but repeated trauma from childhood shapes and deforms the personality.” To keep hope, trust and safety in the face of terrifying circumstances, the child must find a way to retain a sense that there is meaning. To survive, the traumatized child will need to resort to primitive psychological defences. To ensure survival, abusers must be portrayed in the child’s psyches as caring and competent. The primary attachment must never be compromised. In this way, the child may attempt to hide, justify, or minimize the abuse. There may be complete amnesias called dissociative conditions. A dissociative state can cause severe personality fragmentation, which can lead to the formation of alter personalities.