Forex FXCM Markets has been popular for many years. However, with the current economic climate, more Forex traders are turning to the Forex trading platform. Forex is short for Foreign Exchange and it’s a thrilling currency trading platform that allows ordinary people to have the chance to make big money. It was created in 1970, when floating currencies were introduced and exchange rates were free.

Forex is the largest market of its kind worldwide, with daily trading volumes exceeding 2 trillion dollars. This makes it unique for many reasons. This market is unique because it doesn’t require any qualifications and can be controlled by no one. It also cannot be manipulated, making it perfect for Forex beginners. Forex is a fast-moving market that allows investors to change the currency’s price in a significant way. Forex beginners have plenty of buyers and sellers to choose from. Forex traders are able to open and close all positions in seconds, unlike other stocks that are rarely traded.

Forex beginners should be aware that it is not easy to achieve profits. If they don’t have the right knowledge, tools or guidance, they might find themselves in a financial hole. Many new traders have fallen prey to the emotions that come with trading on the Forex platform, and started chasing their losses, increasing the financial hole. This article will provide a safe starting point for Forex beginners so they can climb up the ladder to become successful Forex traders and make money without falling into many pitfalls.