Flags come in many styles and themes. Flag poles or flag stands attached to your house can be used to display these flags atlanticflagpole.com. Flag pole installation is easy and cheap so you don’t need one. If you do not want to invest in a flag pole or a flag stand, you can hang banner flags at your house. There are many kinds of flags. The three most commonly used flags are those that hang at the American homes.

American pennants are one of the most commonly used pennants Americans have in their yards or homes. The American pennant has thirteen red and blue stripes and fifty stars on a dark background. To show patriotic pride in their homeland, many Americans hang the pennant. American patriotism is symbolized by the American pennant. Many Americans enjoy the sound of the pennant flapping in their wind. This pennant is what most Americans prefer to decorate their homes with.

Another popular pennant is the college pennant. These pennants are used by many people to represent the college or university they attended. Others fly university or college pennants to show support for the university where they will be studying. To show support for a particular sports team, some people have pennants of college or university in their yard or on their home. These pennants are most popular at large universities in states with strong sports teams. This pennant is a popular choice for American homeowners to decorate their homes.